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Financial Education, For Everyone

Only 35% of Sri Lanka’s adult population is financially literate, compared to an average of 65% in developed countries, according to S&P Global FinLit Survey.

On the other hand, 74% of Sri Lankans have opened an account at a formal financial institution. This indicates that lack of financial education, and not financial access, is the primary cause of our low financial literacy levels.

While the public sector may have a responsibility to address this issue, we firmly believe that the private sector too must invest in enhancing financial literacy in the national interest. Asia Securities’ financial literacy initiative, DhanaMaga, aims to empower all Sri Lankans to make independent and well-informed financial decisions. Although Sri Lanka has literacy rate of 92%, the country’s financial literacy rate is 35%, compared an average 65% in developed countries, according to S&P Global FinLit Survey.

Financial Learning, On the Go

Have you set up an emergency fund for life’s critical needs? How do you manage your debt? What are the different investment options available for you? Have you planned for your retirement? Are you using the right financing for your business?

Our online learning center offers short (1-3 mins) and easy-to-follow videos to help you find the answers to all your money-related questions from budgeting tips and managing your personal wealth, to understanding company statements and choosing an investment strategy that is right for you.

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The self-directed courses are designed to fit your schedule, so you can learn at anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. All content has been designed with our Curriculum Committee which comprises key experts from the local academic and professional spheres.

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